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Dansen F

Choreograaf Muziek Video Muren Tellen
Fair warning Rob Fowler Every time I drink, I fall in love - Toby Keith 4 64
Fais do do Michelle Chandonnet Fais do do - Charlie Daniels band 4 64
Fall in love Patricia E. Stott Never gonna fall in love - Tim Redmond 4 32
Family practice Arthur van Houten     Family practice - Dan Roberts 4 64
Far from home Michelle & Marc Chandonnet 46 miles from Alice - Catherine Britt P 48
Feel blue   Carina Slijters The last time I'll feel blue X 4     32
Feel right Robbie McGowan Hickie Feel right - Tanya Tucker 2 68
Feeling kinda lonely  Margaret Swift  Feeling kinda lonely tonight - The Deans    32 
Fire 'n' water Mary Kelly I've been found - Sam Miller X 4 32
Five minutes more Tonnie Vos & Arthur van Houten Five minutes more - The outlaws 2 32
Flying home Gaye teather & Adrian Helliker Home to Aherlow - Nathan Carter 4 32
Folsom prison Arthur van Houten Folsom prison blues - Robert Mizzel 4 48
Foolish heart Robbie McGowan Hickie Don't pretent with me - Vince Gill 4 32
For the ages  Diana Dawson  For the ages - The Mavericks    64
Ford boogie DJ Dan & Winnie     V-8 Ford boogie - Eleven hundred springs 2 64
Forgive and forget Carina Slijters I don't believe that's how you feel - Tracy Byrd 4 36
Fourteen carat mind Annie Saerens Your fourteen carat mind - Gene Watson 4 32
Foxy girl  Frank Trace  Bad bad girl - The derailers    4 32
Friday yet Nadia Krieg Is it friday yet - Gord Bamford 2 64
Friends for ten Alan & Barb Heighway, Gaye Teather & Nigel Payne A friend in need - Dave Sheriff 4 32
Funky sole Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Old time rock 'n roll - Michael Bolton   4 64 
Funtasia Robbie McGowan Hickie Someone should tell her - The Mavericks 4 64
Further down the line Henk van Wijk Further down the line - The refreshments    4 32